Reluctantly Heading North

Getting ready to head out. I have a load that has to pick up today in York, South Carolina, and be in Troy, Michigan by tomorrow afternoon. Google says it’s over 700 miles (including going down to York to pick it up). I don’t recall what The Company says it is. I probably don’t want to know.
I’m not keen on going north. I’m delivering a little north of Detroit, and I have a feeling that The Company will be sending me into Canada to pick up my next load. They called me on my cellphone last week to ask about the procedures for getting back into the United States from Canada. Geez. I’ve been tagged as a Canada authority or something.
I’m leaving today because I want as much time as possible to get up there. For once I’m going to play it smart and make a long run early, so I can get up there and rest. I shoot myself in the foot every Monday by staying up late on Sunday night and heading out on Monday as late as I possibly can with very little sleep. So by the time I deliver I’m sleepy as hell. That means I don’t push when I should, and pretty much the rest of the week is screwed. I’m always running behind and not having the time to get good sleep, which only keeps the problem going.
I’m not happy about going north. But it’s good miles. This’ll set me up for two excellent paychecks. And since everything at the moment is about trying to make the money to progress a little bit, this is a good thing. Like I always say, I’ll whine now, but I’ll be happy come payday.
Oh, well. Nothing going on here, really. I worked on backing up my laptop over the weekend (finally nailing down all those hundreds of notes and messages that I wanted to save hard copies of on the external hard drive). I also somehow managed to squeeze in some World of Warcraft. We had some guild raids over the weekend, and I tagged along. Was kinda fun. But didn’t do much to dispel the creeping feeling that I waste too much of my time in that game, and should be working instead on more important things (like backing up my computer so that I can finish those upgrades).

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