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Resurrection: The Watch Has, At Long Last, Found Its Way Home

If you’ve followed The Watch here to its permanent home on, you’ll not doubt notice that there have been some changes in the way this all looks now. That’s the first thing, and the best. I’ve finally broken down and made this into a sub-domain on my own web site. I figure that’ll give me the opportunity to squarely face my critics.

I’ve started back with the oldest posts from, and am working my way up to the current stories. It’ll take some time, but I’ll get there. Once that’s in place, I’ll start working on the old posts going back to 1998. I hope to eventually have them all here in one place (meaning I might be bringing the posts over from Yahoo! Groups … I haven’t decided yet).

The various old sections of the web site are missing for now. I’ll get them tied in as soon as I get the individual pages coded and updated. I realize that most people wouldn’t know where to find copies of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence if it wasn’t for this web site, so I feel sort of obligated. I’m working on it.

Anyway, here it is. Those of you who thought you were rid of me will be sorely disappointed. There’s a lot going on and a Presidential election coming up. I’ve put the past few difficult years behind me and am again ready to sallie forth and give battle.

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