R.I.P. Ma Colleen

Ma Colleen is dead.
Mama called today and told me that she died yesterday morning. I called Rick after I spoke to her. Naturally, he was pretty upset.
I’m fine now, but was in an odd way earlier today. Was a little surprised to find myself that upset, because I haven’t been very close to Ma Colleen in the past few years.
She was a heck of a lady; all full of piss and vinegar. I told Mara that I could imagine Ma Colleen at the Pearly Gates, saying “What the fuck is this?” and then, realizing she had died, saying “Ah, shit?”
The world is a lot less interesting with Ma Colleen no longer in it.
As for Mara and I, we’re working our way back toward the East Coast and home-time. Trying to draw some advances so that we’ll have some money for Christmas.

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