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Rise Of The Alpha Fiend

I have long been looking for a good, short, memorable name to use as part of my web development business. I’d given up at one point and decided to just use the domain for Windhaven Network, but have come to think that the name was just too long. I mean, if users want to host on my server without registering their own domain, there URL would get unwieldly quickly. Just image if you were an artist and wanted to use something likeĀ as your web address. Clearly, you see the problem.

So, I spent some time yesterday trying to come up with something short. What I settled on was “Alpha Fiend”. It’s not as short as I might have liked, but it’s a great deal less unwieldy that “Windhaven Network”. And it’s memorable. I’ll be posting more on this later as the web site develops. Hopefully this will be a way I can make some money and keep the music afloat. If not, it’s still a cool name.


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