Rotosound JK 12 Acoustic Guitar Strings

Rotosound JK 12 Acoustic Guitar StringsNot long after I first tried Rotosound guitar strings on my electrics, I decided to try them on my acoustic guitar, as well. I was even more blown away by the acoustic strings. At first I thought they sounded a little thin. I wasn’t used to acoustic strings that were that bright, and I thought they lacked some bottom end. But I eventually conceded that this was coming from the perspective of a bass player. Putting that one concern aside, I found that what I liked most about the Rotosound acoustic strings was their responsiveness. They sound great played softly, but when you really hit them the sound just explodes. The dynamics of these strings are amazing. Much better than anything else than any other string that I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot).

Not long ago I needed some acoustic strings and was talked into buying another brand by a salesman at a local music store (who didn’t stock Rotosound guitar strings). I was bitterly disappointed when I discovered just how bad my acoustic sounded. It was fine at first, because my previous strings had gotten so dirty that just about anything would’ve been an improvement. But it didn’t take long more me to feel like my guitar had a muffle on it. It was a bright, shiny day in my life when I was able to put another set of Rotosound JK-12 strings on my acoustic again; like I had righted some great wrong. That probably says all that needs to be said.

JK-12 | Medium | .012 | .016 | .024w | .032w | .044w | .054w

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