Rough Couple Of Days

It’s been a rough couple of days. Friday I got food poisoning. I won’t mention any places by name, but I’m pretty sure I know where I got it. It was in Marion, NC at one of the truck stops. By the time I got to pioneer, TN, I had diarrhea. When we got up to Waukegan, IL, it was still just diarrhea, but a little more severe. By the time we got down to Bedford Park, it was something else entirely. I asked Mara to stop at the main gate so that I could use Security’s bathroom. That’s when the vomiting began. We went on in and got our load, but had to park again on the way out. I visited that bathroom 3 more times, with vomiting and diarrhea. Then I made a run for the Flying J in Lake Station, IN. I had stopped throwing up, but still had diarrhea, and so went to their bathroom about 3 times. Lake Station was where the cramps, aches and chills really set in. Mara couldn’t drive because she was out of hours, and I was incapable. So we slept there for several hours. I finally woke up feeling good enough to give it a go.

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