Ruminations on The Bush

I’m listening to President Bush bitch, moan and groan on television about how that pesky Congress isn’t doing what he wants them to do. It always amuses me how anyone who disagrees with Bush is practicing “partisan politics” and their actions are against the best interest of the country. But, of course, I keep in mind that this is the same President who, in the run-up to his war in Iraq, declared that American citizens who disagreed with him were supporting America’s enemies. To this day, if you criticize his mess in Iraq, in his opinion you might as well hop on a plane and fly to Baghdad so that you can plant roadside bombs along with the rest of your ilk.
Simply put, in sitting here listening to the President of the United States whine like a little girl who had her lollipop taken away by a bully, the one phrase which keeps bouncing around in my head is “what an asshole”. I really don’t care whether a Democrat or a Republican winds up in the White House in 2009. It looks to me that there will be little difference between the likely candidates. At the moment it looks like the election will most likely come down to a contest between Hillary Clinton and Rudolph Giuliani, and I just don’t see much of a difference between them. But whichever one winds up in the White House, at least we’ll be rid of Bush.
I think even the Republicans have finally had to admit that in their masturbatory frenzy to get a Republican (any Republican) into the White House in 2000, they opened Pandora’s box. They unleashed upon this country a spoiled man-child whose petulance has severely damaged the reputation of the United States on the world stage. Even the Republicans have had to admit how much President Bush has damaged the country itself. And while they’re determined to put another Republican in the White House in 2009, they’re as eager to be rid of George W. Bush as the rest of the country.
Personally, I just look forward to not having the hear Bush’s condescension toward reporters in press conferences, and to other world leaders, or see that smirk on his face when he manages to get through a sentence without screwing it up. To quote Amos Bronson, “To be ignorant of one’s ignorance is the malady of the ignorant”. President Bush is the living embodiment of that sentiment. It’s high-time he was sent back to his ranch in Crawford, Texas, so he can ride around in his pick-up truck and smirk as he pleases. Bush bought the ranch just before the election in 2000, and may very well sell it and go back to Connecticut, where he was born, once he longer needs to fool the American public. After all, once he’s no longer president, why would he need the theater of the absurd that is represented by the ranch (where he loved to ramble around in front of photographers and pretend he was a rancher)?
Hopefully the next person who takes up residence in the White House will be someone who is qualified for the job. Someone who realizes that pretending to be President of the United States is vastly different from actually doing the job. We need someone who realizes that being elected President is not the same as taking over the CEO job of a major corporation. But then, Bush never even acted like a CEO. A CEO is accountable. Bush always acted like he was sole owner of the company, and owed an explanation to no one.
Hopefully the next time we can get someone in the White House who has not only read the Constitution, but understands it. That would be a refreshing change of pace.

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