Russian Babe

Just leaving Ruther Glen, Virginia. Had a notable encounter there. I was checking out at the cashier in a truck stop and had made the usual cordial small talk with the girl, but she just sort of smiled at me. Fine. People don’t always like small talk. Another employee told me “She’s Russian. She don’t speak English too good.”
I looked at the girl (a pretty, young blonde) and said “Russia? What part?”
She told me she was born in Tblisi (which is in Georgia, actually) but had been raised in Moscow since she was a small child. She had a very thick Russian accent which took me a moment to key into, but I had no trouble understanding her. This seemed to thrill her. I can only imagine the frustration of working in a public place as a cashier but not having a full grasp of the language. I guess it was nice to actually get to talk to someone instead of just smiling and nodding.
Well, I won’t bore you with what we talked about. It was a short conversation and mostly small talk. But as I started to leave, she gave me her phone number. This surprised me. After all, she was very pretty, very young (28), and very Russian. She also lives in Virginia (not a good prospect even if I was to want to take the risk on another youngin’). But I took her number. Hell, it’s been awhile since a woman gave me her number.
I just thought I would mention it. I mentioned this to a friend and she called me a flirt. I told her I didn’t think I was flirting. But really, the best flirting is genuine conversation, isn’t it? And besides, this girl was Russian. She’s obviously not as obsessed with age as her American counterparts.
No, I’m not thinking of calling her. But I wanted to note the irony. It figures that when a hot Russian babe finally gives me her phone number, it’s when I’m 41 years old and homeless. Hehe

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