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We just got back from the vet. Now that we know what sex it is and its name, I feel like I should mention the new addition to our family. Victoria’s daughter walked in with a kitten the other night. Geez. That’s a lucky kitty. Right into the lap of luxury.
Her name is now officially Sabella. I’d decided that if it was a boy, it’d be named Crewe. If a girl, Sabella. I thought she was a girl, but Victoria wasn’t convinced. So we left options open.
If I keep using possessive terms in regard to the kitten, it’s because Victoria declared that it’s mine. I figured that was up to the critter, but Sabella seems to have taken to me. Only time will tell if it’s a lasting bond. But right now it’s cool to have a critter around who purrs when I walk into the room. Well, other than Victoria. Besides, Sabella is adorable. She already has me wrapped around her proverbial finger.
I’ll post pictures soon.

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