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There are those who rightly question the necessity of a segment of this web site being dedicated to Sarah Palin. Why, of all the politicians out there, have I chosen to single out Sarah Palin? Some will say it’s because she’s a woman who dared run in a presidential campaign. Others will say it’s because she’s a Christian who isn’t shy about her religious affiliations. Others will say it’s simply because she’s a Republican. All of these people are wrong.

I believe Sarah Palin is the most dangerous person in the United States. She’s dangerous because around her has developed a kind of cult of personality the likes of which I never expected to see in my lifetime. I naively believed that this type of unhinged hero-worship, based upon a form self-delusion in which the ideal always trumps inconvenient facts and bothersome reality, passed with the fall of Adolf Hitler.

Of course, I realize that I just lost some people by referencing Hitler and, by extension, the Nazi Party. I’m not trying to say that if Sarah Palin assumes power, we’ll be facing concentration camps and cattle cars, or that we’ll be launching a pre-emptive war against the rest of the world. What I’m saying concerns the question that you most often hear about Adolf Hitler. How could a sociopath like Hitler ever have come to power? How could people not see him for what he was?

For an answer to that, all you have to do is look at Sarah Palin. Here is a woman who dismisses Global Warming as a lie of the Left, thinks the Theory of Evolution is nothing more than some quack’s random idea and that Intelligent Design should be taught to our children, and genuinely believes that she is the spear-point in a religious movement which considers itself a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy in which Christians (or, more specifically, her brand of Christian – Catholics and moderates need not apply) must rise up and take over the institution of government to help bring about The End Times.

By the way, when I say “End Times”, I don’t mean that they’re going to sit on a hill in robes somewhere while they fast and pray for the return of Jesus Christ. I mean that these people believe that Jesus will not return until they have conquered the world in His name and Israel is destroyed. They expect to achieve this by assuming political power, with which they will marginalize anyone who disagrees with them and interferes with their holy purpose of bringing about Armageddon.

If this all sounds like science fiction to you, it’s time you woke up. I’ve been watching the development of the Religious Right since the early 1990s, and what I see today frightens me to the core. When Pat Robertson ran for the office of president in 1992, it was with the arrogance that despite having no qualifications whatsoever he was somehow anointed by God. No one took him seriously, because everyone knew he was a televangelist with an obvious agenda. But the movement which he was a part of did not go away. 1992 was perhaps the last year that the Republicans were an actual political party. After that, the Religious Right was largely successful in seizing the reigns. The mobilization of misguided Christians who flocked to that banner swept the Republicans into control of Congress in 1994 and a Bible-waving George W. Bush into the White House in 2000. We all know what the results were.

The one thing that no one counted on was that the Religious Right would begin to splinter and pull away from its unholy alliance with the Neo-Conservatives, with whom they had little in common other than a political agenda. Christian leaders such as James Dobson would find in later years that their political capital had been diminished by years of operating more as Neo-Cons than as Christians, and that even their own viewed them as little more than political, if moral, operatives. No, what was needed was something more Biblical. More ideologically and spiritually principled. Something in which the political agenda was secondary to the spiritual. Something which would lead not just to politicians with Christian morals and credentials holding the reigns of power, but to Christian leaders themselves seizing the reigns of power through political means.

This movement has a name. It’s called Third Wave Christianity.

These people believe that Christian organizations must literally rise up and seize control of secular government. Their radical agenda is alarming Christians all across the country, as their ideology spreads through Christian churches like a virus, leaving little room for those of moderate views, mobilizing Christians into what might be the seeds of a what may one day become an American Taliban, in which Christian leaders control the government and only those who hold to Biblical principles will be able to flourish and participate. It’s these people who talk about Sarah Palin’s rise to power as a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. It’s such people that Sarah Palin has risen from. The church she belonged to for over twenty years in Wasilla, Alaska was part of this Third Wave movement. Indeed, you can watch videos on YouTube in which Sarah Palin is repeatedly anointed and blessed by leaders of the Third Wave movement.

When I think of the Third Wave movement and their radical agenda of turning first the United States and then the world into a Christian theocracy, I’m necessarily reminded of the rise of the Nazi Party. This is that point in history where reasonable people are setting aside their rational minds and supporting extremism because they’re being told by their spiritual leaders that it’s the right thing to do. The Nazi Party rose upon the disaffection of a group of marginalized people and spread into a national phenomenon, with a charismatic ideologue at its helm. In the Third Wave movement, that charismatic ideologue is Sarah Palin.

Of course, the difference between the Nazis and the Third Wave movement is that the Nazis were driven by a fascist ideology. Third Wave adherents are driven by an extremist Christian ideology. Other than that, their methods and intentions share alarming similarities, especially in regard to the idea of global domination. Hitler used his party to achieve national domination, through which he intended to eventually control the world, all in the name of his fascist ideology. Sarah Palin is using the Third Wave movement to assume control of the Republican party, through which she hopes to achieve national domination and may eventually lead the United States to war with the rest of the world, all in the name of this extremist Christian ideology which has annointed her the rising star that might eventually see Biblical prophecy fulfilled by The End Times and the return of Jesus Christ to Earth.

This is the information you’re not getting on CNN. The information you’ll never get. It’s what makes Sarah Palin so dangerous. This all sounds so far-fetched that the mainstream media outlets are not going to touch it with a ten foot pole. So it’s not talked about. It’s not considered. It’s the reason relatively intelligent people can say “she’s a mom, and she understands what mothers are going through”, as if that’s a qualifier for any political office, much less leader of the free world. It’s the reason people can look past Sarah Palin’s glaring deficiencies, lambasting the reporting of every mis-step she makes as a revelation of some sort of anti-Christian agenda on the media’s part. It’s why no matter how much Sarah Palin stands in front of the American public and spouts unintelligible gooble-gook, her audiences swoon in admiration, basking in the charisma which allows her to make a series of unrelated words and phrases sound like she actually said something important. They have no idea what she says, but it sounds good, and it helps them feel good about themselves, and that’s enough for her to earn their unquestioning support.

I’m sure there were people like me in the audiences of those early Nazi Party rallies, shaking their heads and finding it impossible to comprehend that anyone believed what they were hearing, much less supported it. We have the benefit now of having learned from the rise of the Nazi Party, and the subsequent global war, how quickly a charismatic ideologue can lead even an extremist ideology into the mainstream. While I sit here writing this, wondering why so few are voicing similar concernes, I find myself hoping that because of what has happened before, eventually people will begin to wake up to the danger that Sarah Palin represents. The Bible I was raised with taught me of false prophets, and that’s what I see when I look at Sarah Palin; a pied-piper who is using Christians’ own spiritual beliefs against them in her campaign for eventual global domination. One has to wonder if this is that point in history, where people will look back and say “If we had only known”. Is this the point in history in which future time travelers will hope to send back operatives to assassinate Sarah Palin in the hopes of undoing the damage of her holy war on secular governments; that one moment when the democracy of the United States fell to the theocratic ideology of the Third Wave movement and caused the entire world to collapse into conflict and anarchy?

I’m writing this because I genuinely believe that the United States is the last, greatest hope for democracy in the world. If we lose this shining beacon on the hill, the world our grandchildren and their grandchildren will have to grapple with will truly be beyond our comprehension. If the Third Wave movement manages to place an ideologue like Sarah Palin in the White House, what will follow will be an effort to bring about The End Times, and that can only mean global war. I don’t want to be hiding in a hovel somewhere, scribbling on a few scraps of paper with charcoal while cities are burning, knowing that when the time came to step up and say something I didn’t have the spine to do so. If it turns out that I’m wrong and none of this comes to pass, that’s fine with me. Where this subject is concerned, I’d much rather be an alarmist whose concerns and predictions proved unfounded, than a grieving wreck of my former self, reduced to scribbling on the walls of burned out houses the words “I told you so”.

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14 years ago

I distinctly recall having a small realization of the possibility of something like this being possible when I was studying to be a Christian minister. Mainstream Christianity is akin to the theology of old; that is, don’t ask questions – you are all dumb sheep that need to follow your shepherds. You need to adjust your thinking to reflect church doctrine because all else is the devil trying to steal your salvation and deceive you. And how the millions do follow!

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