Saturday Morning Observations

Freeland, Maryland. Well, near it. I got just across the border from Pennsylvania when I stopped at an escort vehicle staging area to eat something. That was at a little past 23:00. I wasn’t exhausted and felt like I could keep on driving. But I laid down anyway to take a break from a long day. Well, that short nap took on a life of its own.
I was just looking out over the countryside here. There’s snow on the ground. The sky has just started to lighten. About 1/4 mile away is a house with some candles in the windows, nestled just on the edge of a patch of forest. A couple hundred yards from the house is a street lamp with one of the old, soft white lights. The ones that are pleasing to the eye and were never intended to try to banish the darkness. It is, naturally, a little cold this morning. Rayne’s temperature gauge says 20 degrees.
As is so often the case when I’m headed “home” to Kings Mountain, I’m feeling rather positive about things. The load I picked up last night in Downingtown, Pennsylvania delivers early Monday morning in Austell, Georgia. So not much of a weekend for me. But a nice paycheck for next week. And really, as much as I bitch, that’s what it’s all about. On the other side of a whole lot of driving and a bunch of paychecks is hopefully the ability to record and remind myself, and others, that I’m not a truck driver who makes music, but a musician who drives a truck (a reluctant truck driver if there’s ever been one).
But whatever aches and dreams may lie on the horizon, today is about driving and more driving. The major waypoints along the way will be Baltimore, Maryland / Washington, D.C. / Richmond, Virginia / Durham, Greensboro and Charlotte, North Carolina / and, finally, Kings Mountain. About 475 miles, I think.
I would be about there if I hadn’t stopped. But even The Mighty Wic has to sleep on occasion. It’s annoying to find oneself human after all.
Oh, well. I’m going to try to enjoy the ride. It being Saturday, there’ll be fewer assholes and idiots on the road, and that means fewer lemmings that I’ll have to save from throwing under my wheels because they’re about to miss the exit that the road signs have been advertising for the past five miles.
Life at the moment may not be peaches and cream, but for now I am not entirely dissatisfied.

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