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Senators Introduce Law to Ban 'Crush' Videos of Animal Cruelty

I’m always amazed by the basic depravity of the human mind. Until this morning, I had never heard of “crush videos”. If you don’t know what they are either, suffice it to say that they’re exactly what they sound like – depictions of small animals being tortured to death by humans. The videos mostly depict women – with their faces unseen – stomping helpless animals, such as rabbits and squirrels, to death with spiked-heel shoes or with their bare feet. Search for “crush videos” on Google, and you’ll find out quickly that evil lives among us.

All I can say about “crush videos” is that I hope there is a special place in Hell for everyone who is involved in this depravity. Not just the sick fucks who watch the videos apparently to satisfy a sexual fetish (just cut if off already), but anyone who films this stuff, as well as the women who do the actual killing. My God, what sick fucks you all are. This is how Jeffrey Dahmer got started. Is that really the company you want to be in?

What brought this to my attention was an article reporting upon the fact that three U.S. senators introduced legislation Monday to specifically ban these so-called “crush videos”. The legislation came in response to a Supreme Court ruling this year which struck down a broader congressional law dealing with animal cruelty. The bi-partisan Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act would criminalize the creation, sale and marketing of these specific kinds of videos. Penalties of up to seven years in prison would be possible.

I don’t think seven years is remotely enough. Twenty years is more like it. I wouldn’t mind these senseless acts of depravity warranting the death sentence. But then, I think raping someone should also earn you a death sentence. There are certain acts of cruelty that are so unspeakable that those who commit them should simply be eliminated. As horrific as all forms of animal cruelty can be, these “crush videos” are the absolute worst that I can think of. These are the works of twisted minds, and the public should be protected from these evil people.

I know there are heartless people out there who will chide me for “caring more about an animal than a human being”. All I can say to you if you are one of those people is that you are not a human being if you can think that way. If you’re one of those people whose general outlook about this issue can be summed up by “they’re just animals”, you should perhaps be placed in therapy. You’re sick.

The reason I am quick to defend animals is because most often they cannot defend themselves. Whether we deserve it or not, human beings have been placed in a position in which our intellect gives us a power over other creatures. We have a responsibility to use that power wisely and benevolently. Therefore, my reasoning behind championing animals is simple. If any human being ran into a burning building and found an adult human and a helpless baby, which one would you save? Anyone with any sense would clearly choose to save the baby. An adult human is capable of making his or her own choices, and has the capacity to save himself. A baby does not. Animals are in that same position.

No, I don’t think animals are more important than humans. But I do believe that all life is sacred. To me, that means that animals are at least as important as human beings, and have just as much of a right to live. I don’t believe God put animals her for us to torture and kill them for our amusement. That’s a conceit of immoral human beings. It’s a simple equation, in the end. If you would be outraged if any act of animal cruelty was committed upon a human being, then you should also be outraged if it was committed upon an animal. If you’re not, you are not a human being in my book. You’re an animal. No, you’re less than an animal. Maybe we can convince the sick maggots behind these “crush videos” to play out their twisted fantasies upon you instead.


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11 years ago

I agree completely. There is something quite unnerving about the lack of outrage over this. This is what young serial murderers and rapists do for fun. This is hannibal lecter, elizabeth bathory sociopathic. The fundamental basis for the most depraved and dangerous mentality is exactly this: Sexual arousal from the pain, suffering and death of of other living things.
I daresay that zombies, vampires and werewolves at least have the decency to KILL something when it needs to be done.
These people are essentially more evil than nazis. The white rabbit is a symbol of many things. This is degradation of all life.

9 years ago

pena de morte é muito de fazer o mesmo e até pior com quem filmou e quem estava torturando esses animais indefesos isso não tem perdom now

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