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Seven Pounds

Seven PoundsIt probably says a lot that I feel guilty for not giving this movie 5 stars. It was a great, moving movie, but for some reason I was never as engaged as I was during something like The Wrestler. Maybe because Will Smith is such an upbeat kind of guy that even when he’s playing dark, haunting roles, you get a feeling that he’ll work it all out somehow.
I also thought the ending, however touching, was a bit ham-fisted. I mean, the guy commits suicide so his hot and sexy girlfriend can have his heart for a transplant.  Yeah. I kept thinking “that’ll be a hard one for the next boyfriend to top”.
Still, I liked this movie. Will Smith is always fun to watch. And the movie had it’s moments. Lots of them. And how do you not like a movie with Rosario Dawson in it? She’s literally a pleasure to watch.
I suppose if I have any complaints about this movie, it’s simply that it wasn’t as touching as I expected it to be. Maybe I had too many people tell me I’d better watch it with a box of Kleenex nearby. Seven Pounds made me sad in places, but it never delivered on its promise.
4 out of 5 stars

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