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Shipping to Ukraine

I just packed up my Roger Waters Amused to Death LP. I sold it on eBay, hoping to throw a little something into the pot here. Victoria didn’t want me to, but I figure it’s just a record. Hell, I don’t even have a turntable. I can always buy it again once I’ve made my millions.
I only mention this because of where the album is being shipped to. Kiev, Ukraine. I’m shipping the album to fucking Ukraine. That’s very cool. Hell, I went on Google Earth and looked up Kiev, and where it is in relation to the geographical map. Ukraine is one of those countries that I’d have a hard time pointing to on a map. Now I’ve fixed it in my mind (if you must known, it’s on the north shore of the Black Sea, and borders Poland on the west and Russia on the east). Kiev you may have heard of (look it up). It’s in the northern half of the country and is south of Chernobyl (yes, that Chernobyl).
I don’t know why this struck me as being so cool. Other places I’ve sent stuff didn’t phase me. Don’t ask me why sending things to Canada, Australia, Italy and Chile illicited yawns, and then Ukraine warranted a “Cool!”. Maybe because it’s Kiev?
Anyway, that’s my cool moment for the day.

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