Sick of Hillary

I’m sick of Hillary Clinton. I mean, I’m getting to where I want to spit whenever I see her face on television. I didn’t much like her as First Lady, and now I can’t stand her as a candidate. I’ve been trying to think of ways to explain this to people. When discovering that you don’t like Hillary Clinton, a lot of women just assume that you’re a sexist Neanderthal. Hell, a lot of women are supporting Clinton’s candidacy for no other reason that than she’s a woman. How do you argue with that?
Hillary Clinton’s sex has nothing to do with my reason for disliking her. I’ve said repeatedly that I think the United States is ready for a female president. I just don’t think that Hillary’s it. Want to know why?
A good example surfaced in the news today.
Hillary Clinton’s campaign sent a picture to the Drudge Report of Barack Obama in African dress. The picture of Obama was taken while he was in Kenya in 2006 on a Senate trip to Africa, showing him in Somali garb (it’s common for politicians and dignitaries to adopt some of the local dress when they travel abroad, to acknowledge local customs). It’s believed that the picture was circulated to call attention to Obama’s African ancestry and give credence to the false, but persistent, allegations circulating online that he’s a Muslim (Obama is a Christian who attends a United Church of Christ congregation in Chicago).
Come on. The Drudge Report? Hillary Clinton’s campaign is forwarding information to that Republican political hack Mike Drudge? What’s wrong with this picture? It’s like Barack Obama isn’t running against another Democrat, but a rogue group of Karl Rove minions who are out to win at all costs, whatever the damage to their own party or, indeed, the country. It’s like Hillary Clinton has decided that if she can’t win the nomination, she’ll wreck the Democratic Party to such an extent that it’ll be of no use to anyone else.
And while I’m at it, Rudy Giuliani dropped his presidental ambitions after losing six primaries in a row. Hillary has lost eleven. It’s very clear that there will be no graceful exit for Hillary Clinton. She’ll concede only after the Democratic Party collapses around her and she’s been thrown out on her ass by the scorched survivors. Al Gore conceded defeat in 2000 for the good of the country, even though he knew that the recounts would most likely fall in his favor. Had that been Hillary Clinton, she wouldn’t have cared if there was rioting in the streets and snipers killing National Guard troops in major cities.
All you need to know about Hillary Clinton is that her campaign is willing to work hand in hand with Republican scum like Mike Drudge to smear her opponent. She’s not only willing to use moves taken directly from Karl Rove’s playbook, she’s willing to work with Rove’s minions.
Remind me again … how is Hillary Clinton supposed to be different from George W. Bush?

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