Slack-Ass on a Monday

I’m about to take my shower and get out of here for the week. I probably should have been gone already, but my load can deliver anytime before midnight tonight. I always drag my ass when the opportunity arises.
Didn’t get a lot done over the weekend. Well, not as much as I should. I’ve been backing up my hard drives and getting ready to repair my long-suffering laptop. The new hard drive and copy of Windows XP were here this weekend, but I just couldn’t get things backed up. Partly because there’s so much to backup, and partly because of laziness. But it’s great to know that I’m about to get things straightened out.
They called from my new server host this morning to confirm my order. I’ve taken the plunge. I’m setting up another dedicated server. It’s going to be hideously expensive, and doesn’t make much sense right now, but if certain plans work out, it’ll be paying for itself by autumn. I’m probably more excited about that, because it means I’ll be able to get my full web site online. Just updating my website with my current host is such a pain that I never bothered to put most of the site online when I switched last.
Not much else going on. Feeling kinda guilty that I got a friend hooked on World of Warcraft. Here I was planning to make my own escape and I couldn’t resist giving someone else digital crack. Plus, my aunt pre-ordered the upcoming expansion pack for me for a Christmas present. So I won’t escape anytime soon myself.
Oh, well. I should get a shower and mosey on. Not really looking forward to another week on the road. But do I ever?
By the way, I just posted a new picture. I don’t often advertise that because I have a tendancy to take terrible pictures, but the new pic isn’t of me. It’s a pic of my co-driver. So go check him out.

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