So Long John

I rigged up the microphone today to record the acoustic guitar intro to So Long John. The recording itself hasn’t gone so well (I need to pick a quieter time to try it), but I blended the microphone with the pickup on the guitar, and wound up with a killer acoustic sound. At least as far as I’m concerned. I’ll give recording another crack in the morning when it’s quieter in the house.
I’m looking forward to recording So Long John. It’s a cool little song that I wrote when I uncle, Loyd Short, was laying on his death bed in the hospital. Sometimes songs just come to you like that. All I recall is that I wanted so badly to go talk to Loyd, but I knew I’d never have a chance to tell him what I really wanted to say. There were too many fawning over him in the great guilt-after-the-fact competition. So I wrote this. And Loyd never heard it.
There’s a time when life is young,
And all our deeds are yet undone.
I heard them say you’ll leave today
So if I may …
So long, John.

There are times when life is sweet
And all the world’s lain at our feet.
I heard them say you’ll leave today,
So if I may …
So long, John.

Now’s the time when all
the diamonds cease to glitter,
And life is measured
in shallow breath.
If you leave today,
I hope you’ll find your way.
Just let me say …

If I miss you and I weep,
Does it mean that I am weak?
I heard them say you left today,
So if I may …
So long, John.

Just for reference, my uncle’s name was Loyd, not John. It’s a personal thing. He, my cousin Mark, and myself all called each other “John”. It came from an old Jerry Clower comedy routine, which I won’t relate here, but became something of a tradition through the years. You don’t have to understand it. Loyd would have. That’s all that matters.
I guess right now I need to go find something to do with myself. We’re all heading out tonight to celebrate Katie’s birthday (her 22nd). In the meantime, I need to go do something. Recording is sort of fugged. So … I have to get creative. Well, creative about doing something other than sitting here and watching the clock.
It’s going to be fun tonight. I’m not sure who all is going, but afterwards some of her friends are going to come over to the house. I hope Katie has a great time. I think from this point on birthdays won’t have as much significance. As she said, her next significant birthday is at 40. Sad, but true, I think. After a while you kind of quit caring that your birthday is coming up every year, although you never lose that hope that someone will remember it. I can’t remember my 22nd birthday. Not because I partied and trashed my memory. I just don’t recall that it mattered to me at the time. I sort of remember turning 21, because I was then old enough to legally buy alcohol. But I’d been buying booze for so long that 21 came and went with a yawn.
Hopefully, Katie will have a great time tonight, and will remember it for a long time. Or at least until the next great birthday.

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