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Some People Still Go Above And Beyond

Isn’t it a shame that in this day and time it comes as a surprise when someone takes pride in their job, and goes out of their way to help someone? A gentleman by the name of Chris A. (that’s what it says on the receipt) went above and beyond today to help me at Advance Auto Parts here in Saint Petersburg, Florida (the one on MLK). I had asked him to check our codes on our car (it had been running a little rough, and I was wondering if our old cylinder misfire problem had come back).

Chris not only checked the codes, but he showed me how to remove one of the air hoses and spray cleaner up into the engine to free a sticky valve to clear up some of the hesitation. Well, I say he showed me how. But he showed me by doing it himself while I looked on. And when he was finished he turned off the Check Engine light that had been burning on the dash for over a year.

I left the store and drove toward the house thinking that Chris had just earned a loyal customer for his company. His few moments of personal attention made a greater impression upon me where Advance Auto is concerned than any multi-million dollar ad campaign could have. I wish more people approached their job with as much integrity and consideration as Chris A. My compliments, sir. And my thanks. I’m sure you’ll see me again.

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