Somewhere in the Vicinity of Mahoney City

I-81 northbound, somewhere in the vicinity of Mahoney City, Pennsylvania. It’s 7 degrees here and I’m headed to Massachusetts with a windbreaker. No comments, please.
I’m sending this text to my Yahoo! account because all of my domain based e-mail accounts are down. But the new server is working flawlessly. I’m rather excited about getting the web sites uploaded this weekend. I never knew how much tinkering with those web sites had become such a part of my daily routine, but after wandering through the proverbial desert server-wise for so long, I feel like some restrictive burden is being removed.
However melodramatic that last statement may seem, those web sites are my portal to the world. Especially I don’t expect people to care that I’m there on my little corner of the web, but if someone does care, they know where to find me. Hello! Are you bored? Feel free to come look through my junk.
I think having a fully functional server again will help me back off from MySpace somewhat, too. And that’s a good thing. I have nothing against MySpace. It’s allowed me to re-connect with old friends, forge new connections with relatives and generally stay in touch with people I might not have otherwise. But because of MySpace’s obvious limitations, I post differently to my blog there than I do the blog on my web site. For instance, all the random observations from the road that some people found interesting (for some sick reason) don’t seem to get posted on MySpace. So I guess I feel like things can return to normal now. Technical difficulties are over. We now return to regularly scheduled programming. Thank you for your patience.
I’m over-thinking this, I know. It’s the middle of the dark (and the cold) in Pennsylvania (:: waves at Wilkes-Barre ::), and I’m bored. There’s nothing on the radio I haven’t heard a million times. NPR is in snooty classical music mode (sorry, but it makes me sleepy when I’m driving) and it’s too cold to crack the window and let the voices in (I’m joking. Really). But I guess I can’t chatter all the way to Massachusetts.
Man, I need a satellite radio.

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