St. Thomas, Ontario

Saint Thomas, Ontario.
Okay. I’m ready to go back south now. There’s too much snow and too many pissed off people here. I’ve had virtually no sleep, and I’d like to get back south of the border before I take a nap. Mainly to get the wrangling at the border over with. I’m not looking forward to trying to get back into the U.S.

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8 years ago

The people here are not inly pissed off but that the city of St. Thomas is horrible, the people here are rude, ignorant, they are bullies, miserable and very unfriendly. I find the people here to be mean horrible human beings. You can not make a friend here let alone fit in any where. everyone thinks they are so rough and tough, believing that it is fine to just push people around to their liking. You smile at someone and they give you a dirty look like they want to kill you or as if you had done them wrong. and if they see you again any where in the city, they make your life absolute hell. Or you walk into a coffee shop around here to which you’ve never been in before and they tell you that you can’t be there and they just kick you out for no reason at all.sure there might be a handful of good people around here but I have not found one. i deeply regret moving here because I heard it was a wonderful place to live and i beg to differ it is not. There isn’t to many times i use the word ” hate” as it is a strong word, but I fucking hate this town and the people in it.
So your right about pissed off people, its horrible here.