Star Wars Marathon

Feeling kinda groggy today. Had an impromptu and totally accidental Star Wars marathon at Mama’s last night.
I was tinkering around on the computer, with The Phantom Menace playing in the background on HBO. Mama had been wandering around the apartment complex, but by the time Attack of The Clones came on, she had come back and sat down, and she started watching it. I told her to feel free to turn the channel. I wasn’t watching it. But she didn’t. She watched Attack of The Clones. And when it went off, she asked “Is the next one coming on?”
Long story short, we then watched Revenge of The Sith (the best of all, in my opinion). I was still tinkering on the computer mostly. But by the time A New Hope came on, I was sitting on the couch, watching it with Mama. And yes, we also watched The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi. The last one went off around 05:00 this morning. Hehe
This all was entirely Mama’s decision. I’d seen all these movies before, and really wasn’t interested in watching them all again. Especially not in series. But Mama got caught up in the story. She saw Anakin Skywalker as a young man. Watched him turn into Darth Vader. Watched the emergence of his children and Luke Skywalker’s struggle with the Sith lord being his father.
Whatever criticism people might lob at George Lucas about his failings as a director or the relative merits of various movies in the series, the overall story arc was compelling enough for my 74 year old mother (who has a bad cold, no less, and mostly wants to sleep because of it) to watch five movies straight, and sit up until 5 am in the morning to do so. So whatever Lucas’ various failings may be, it’s hard to argue with him when he says that he’s always intended the Star Wars series to be regarded as a whole instead of individual movies. When you look at it like that, it doesn’t entirely suck.
Anyway, make of that what you will. Mama likes them.

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