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Norton I, Emperor of the United States of AmericaI’ve re-started this post about five times already. It should be obvious by now that I’m losing interest in this blog. Nearly everything I do has a dedicate blog somewhere on the web site, and so the banal treatments of every day angst that use to be crammed into this blog have fallen by the wayside. Plus, I’ve discovered that I really have nothing to say. I’m happy and my life is uneventful, and I like it that way. As far as social, religious or political commentary goes, I’ve reached a point where I just shake my head. Nothing disturbs me to the point that I feel led to write about it.  My summation of most of these events is a muttered “idiots”.
But there are a handful of things that I wanted to mention; none of them important enough to warrant an individual blog post.


The band is going to be recording tonight. We desperately need to get some audio up on-line, so tonight we’re going to make a go of it. John’s going to bring his digital multi-track recorder, and we’re going to use about 8 tracks. Afterward, the general idea is that we’ll bounce those tracks onto a CD for me to bring to the house and mix down on my DAW. Personally, I think it’s going to sound great (although I’m scheming, trying to figure out how to afford some new bass strings).

Class Reunion

I was invited to my high school class reunion. I considered this with reservations, because I never graduated. But the organizer assured me that it didn’t matter, that it wasn’t about that. I never really considered going, because it’s in North Carolina and I’m in Florida. But I thought maybe it’d be a way to get to re-connect with some of the old-timers. Then I realized that I’d more than likely re-connected with all the people I cared it. I also realized that the woman organizing this class reunion had no idea who I am. And it’s likely that few of those who joined the Facebook group dedicated to the event would know who I am, either. That realization crystallized it for me. I don’t need the validation of these people. It’s pretty sad if you have to reach back that far for comfort. High school was something I haven’t missed in all the years since. My life following high school was rich and interesting. Why in the hell would I want to go back?

World Domination

For the past couple of months I’ve occasionally played a Facebook application called World Domination: Total War. I’m happy to report that I just conquered the nation of Burundi, and that my empire now has a total population of 181,327,452. Like many world conquerors, I’m ambivalent about that fact. I might feel a little more positive about it if I could levy taxes on those people.

World of Warcraft

My main gaming character, Saphiri, is going to reach level 80 soon. I feel a little strange about that. 80 is the top level in World of Warcraft, and I’ve never had a top level character in any of the games I’ve played. One would think it’s an occasion that a gamer would like to commemorate in some fashion. But mostly I’m less excited about it than I thought I’d be. It says a lot that Saphiri reached 79 almost two weeks ago, and I haven’t been in a rush to get to 80. I suppose it’s relative. It’s not like Blizzard (who owns WoW) is going to send me an embroidered patch to mark the occasion.

Stage Costume

Speaking of patches, I’ve been thinking that it might be a good idea to actually wear something on stage that doesn’t make me look like I just wandered in off of the street. We saw a great blues band last weekend, and I thought the bass player was one of the coolest guys ever. He was probably just wearing every day clothes, but he still looked kind of cool. So I’ve been thinking that I need to do something different. What I’ve decided is that I’m going to start wearing button-down shirts with epaulettes of some sort on stage. I used to have a black shirt like that, and I thought it was the coolest thing. Generally, my idea is to sew embroidered patches onto the arms which reflect my interests. I’ve already already an Eritrea patch (a nod to Neima), and can see adding a Battlestar Galactica patch, an SG-1 patch, and maybe a North Carolina patch. Whatever strikes my fancy. But the over-all effect would be sort of like a uniform shirt, and that’d probably look good on stage. Especially in a band with a name like Systematic Chaos, in which two of the musicians have security clearances. Why not?

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