Still Being Punished

I got up this morning wondering if Epes would pay me this week. They didn’t.
I’m not really surprised. I am disappointed. Very much so. Not just that I didn’t get paid, but that Epes would stoop to that. Whatever problems I might have had with my dispatcher, I respected the company itself. Withholding my paycheck is a punitive move worthy of U.S. Xpress. It’s not something I would have expected from Epes. Of course, who knows what melodramatic yarns Fuck-tard has been spinning in Greensboro?
Financially, this is a blow. Of course. It throws a serious wrinkle into everything. My heart is in my throat, because I’m not quite sure how I’m going to work out some things. But, at the very least I’m out of an industry which thrives on levying punitive damages on drivers and thinking of them as incentives. I suppose I had fooled myself into thinking that Epes was better than that.

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