Still in Plainfield, Indiana

Still in Plainfield, Indiana. Different customer, though. I’m picking up a load that delivers tomorrow morning at 05:00 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Two good runs in a row kind a makes me nervous. But who knows? The trend might continue. And if it doesn’t? Well, from Charlotte I could just head to Kings Mountain. Work on my web site. Or squeeze in some World of Warcraft.
I think I managed to squeeze in that last trip onto this week’s paycheck. Of course, I won’t know until tomorrow, when payroll runs and I can look at what I’ll be paid. But I probably got it. That’s a relief. That essentially means that in spite of sitting for two days last week, I still broke 2,000 miles for the week. That’s the minimum I need for a decent paycheck.
I won’t get into my complaints about how great a paycheck I could be looking at if I hadn’t sat for those two days. Right now I’m just trying to believe that things are looking up.

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