Storage Visit

Went to Gastonia to check in on my stuff in storage today. Geez. What a mess. The building looks like I did exactly what I did. There at the end, when I was loading things into the building and running out of time, I just started putting things wherever. You can tell it. Of course, the plan was always to come back and straighten up a bit. But this is the first time I’ve been back since I put all the stuff in storage last August.
I took those two Carlo Robelli basses over there to put them into exile. Brought back my Ovation acoustic (which I intend to leave with my mother), and my Stratocaster and my Alembic (which are both going onto the truck with me). Was sweet to visit with the old gods.
Somehow, it makes me feel better to be in the company of these old friends. I dunno. Is it possible to invest part of your soul into instruments made of wood? All I know is that when I was sitting holding my Stratocaster, it felt like some small missing piece of the puzzle had fallen into place.

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