Stuck in Eldersburg, Maryland

Stuck in Eldersburg, Maryland. A perfect end to a perfect week.
I delivered Monday night. My next load didn’t pickup until Tuesday morning. So I got there for pick-up and sat for five hours waiting to be loaded. I finally got out of there mid-afternoon, by which time I was getting depressed. I drove over to Dandridge, Tennessee, which is about 40 miles from the North Carolina border. By that time I’d driven 250 miles and been up for 14 hours, so I crashed for the night.
I woke up Wednesday morning to my dispatcher bitching me out because by then my ETA to delivery wasn’t likely (although the load could deliver any time that day). By that time the depression was back. I had to stop once on the way to delivery to crawl into the sleeper and pull the covers over my head. But I eventually made delivery.
Then they gave me a load that couldn’t pick up until 2pm on Thursday. Christ. That hurt. So I went to bed and figured it could be worse, got up Thursday and twiddled my thumbs for a bit, but eventually made it to 2pm. Made my pick-up, ran on up to the receiver, where I spent the night.
Delivered this morning when the consignee opened and was empty by 7:30am. Then The Company gave me this load, which couldn’t pick up until 3pm. I came on over, hoping for the best, but found a bunch of pissed-off Yankees in a union shop. These guys wouldn’t pick up a piece of paper if it isn’t in their job description, much less load a truck early.
So here I sit. I’ll be lucky if I don’t get pushed to the end of the list because I came in early. Right now I figure this week is a loss. I just want it to be over. But when I leave here I’ll get to deal with the afternoon conflagration in Washington, D.C. That’s always a lot of fun. Also will take the better part of the evening.
I gotta remember to dig out the Dungeon keeper 2 disc. I could sure stand to slap around some imps right about now.

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