Stuck In Kissimmee (Again)

I’m bored. I’ve been empty since 9am. Dunno if I’m being punished again, but have to consider it since an accident in Orlando this morning saw arriving at the consignee an hour later than I said I would be there.
I’ve been amusing myself by making Fuck-tard’s blood pressure go up. He’s just so easy to get riled up. I started out mostly trying to get a response from him. But as usual he cranked up the drama. I’ve included the exchange below. Please not the time of the messages. Most of the time when I write him, I’m just trying to get a response out of him because he’s ignoring me.

10:22 (Wicasta) Anything pending, mon?
10:55 (KW) Waiting on the planner. KW
11:01 (Wicasta) Let me know if the load planner is going to make me sit again (because that accident in Orlando threw me an hour past my ETA getting to consignee). I have family in St. Petersburg and will go sit with them. ๐Ÿ˜‰
12:02 (Wicasta) Been empty at consignee for three hours. Heading south for food, and in the general direction of St. Petersburg.
12:09 (KW) A little far to drive for food. 96 miles to St. Pete, and I’m sure your pick-up will be north. Need to stay close. KW
12:41 (Wicasta) I have no control over whether or not the load planner chooses to force me to sit. But if forced to sit, I consider it to be at my discretion where I sit. ๐Ÿ˜‰
12:43 (KW) I totally agree, if you were in your own truck using your own fuel.
12:44 (Wicasta) Aw, an idling truck uses fuel, too, mon. Can’t point to fuel as the issue. ๐Ÿ˜‰
13:23 (KW) Given waiting on a load is part of the business, if you were paying for the wear and tear and fuel, which way would it go???
13:30 (Wicasta) Your argument might have more weight if you’d ever sat waiting a load.

You know, in a way I’m going to miss sparring with him. He reminds me of a chihuahua that goes ballistic when you go near its favorite toy. Not at all threatening. Just hilarious to watch.
Oh, well. I may sit here forever. But at least I have porno to watch. The love bugs are making nasty all over my window. Geez, I wish I’d bought a book.

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