Stupid Must Not Hurt

Just dropped my load in Kissimmee, Florida. Immediately got a message from the Lord of Fuck-tards.
Maybe I should explain that I originally said I’d be here at 08:00, but I took a nap this morning. So at 06:50 I got a message from Dumbass; “Good morn need eta and hrs to drive plz kw”. I responded and told him I’d be here by 14:00.
Well … when I got here at 14:00 and sent in my Arrived macro, Fuck-tard sent me a message; “Close real close ETA 8am Hey at least we hit the same day !!!!!!! KW”
He apparently never saw the updated PTA. Okay, I wanted to say “Why don’t you read your messages, you fucking idiot?” or “What kind of dumbass asks for information and then doesn’t notice that it was sent?”
But what I said was “I updated my ETA, as per your request. I got here when I said I’d get here.” That sounds a bit nicer, I think.
Geez, I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to stand this idiot. I’m reluctant to switch dispatchers because I’m told there are people more worthless than him, and I’m afraid I’ll just make my lot worse. But damn, I’m sick of his hysterics. His constant bullshit has turned my relatively peaceful resignation to my current fate into low level dread. It does affect my job performance, because I don’t give a fuck anymore. Why push yourself to drive that last 200 miles when you’re tired and feel bad when you’re still going to be targeted for some random hysterical rant anyway?
All that needs to be said is that the last time I was in Greensboro I lay in my bunk with a clenched fist and envisioned that I was squeezing his heart.

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