Sturbridge Truck Isle

Day two of my delivery ordeal. I’m in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. There used to be a truck stop here called Sturbridge Truck Isle. I used to love this place. It had a great restaurant with excellent food. A hotel. Beautiful scenery. A pond with a walking path. Then the Pilot truck stop chain bought the place and turned it into just another glorified convenience store with a large parking lot. No more restaurant. Hell, they may have drained the pond (I didn’t notice on the way in). And now that they’ve expanded the parking, there’s so much traffic here that you take your life into your own hands just crossing the lot. My hope of taking a nice walk and maybe eating supper last night by the pond evaporated as soon as I got here and saw how overrun it was.
Here’s to Pilot for destroying one of the few places truck drivers could feel not only less like just another potential customer, but more like a human being. This was one of the few place we could leave our trucks and let a fresh cleansing breeze waft across our souls.
Right now I’m kind of hungry. Think I might go in and buy an over-priced sandwich. After all, that’s all the place is really here for, isn’t it?

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Just Thinking in Sturbridge
Just Thinking in Sturbridge
14 years ago

We all feel the same here in Sturbridge. Pilot did an enormous disservice to all of us by shutting down the Sturbridge Isle and its resturants.

Sorry you had a lousy Sturbridge stay.

Rex Huffman
Rex Huffman
6 years ago

Response to Sturbridge Truck Isle, Just wondering if any body out there has a little knife that looks like a truck with white pearl handles. One side has name and address of the Sturbridge Isle. The other side Said Keep On Trucking written in color green. I am wondering if anyone out there knows what year these little knives were gave away. I think maybe at Christmas.Little knife has one blade & bottle opener.Made by Colonial knife co.USA. I haul furniture from Amory Ms. to Boston Ma. retired in 2001. Sorry to hear Pilot has destroyed the best little place for a Mississippi boy to stop.

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