Surfer, Dude

Surfer, DudeI’ve seen worse movies. That’s about as good of a recommendation as I can give for Surfer, Dude. Overall the movie felt like I was hanging out with Matthew McConaughey and co-stars Woody Harrelson and Willie Nelson; which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are worse guys you can hang out with. But it’s not necessarily the best way to approach a movie.
It wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen, but I think some of the reviewers were kind of hard on it. It was benign, and fun in a goofy kind of way. If you go into it not expecting an awful lot, you won’t walk away from this movie feeling you’ve just wasted an hour and a half of your life. Well, okay. So maybe you will. But it’s no worse than smoking some weed and sitting on the couch with a grin on your face. If you watch this movie, you’ll understand that reference.
Watch it or not. It won’t change your life, but it’ll leave you smiling without really knowing why. Dude!

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