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Taking On Clapton

I just finished a sandwich, figuring if I ate something (else) and maybe took some (more) Goody’s powders, I might finally get rid of this annoying headache that’s been tormenting me since I got up this morning. I’ve been writing some, but the headache was distracting me. Of course, at the moment, hearing Bruce Willis yelling on the TV isn’t helping, either.
When I took a break from writing, I picked up my Strat and loaded Cubase so that I could take a crack at learning some of the songs that the guys up toward Largo want me to learn (I’m going to jam with them next week and see if I can hack it as a lead guitar player). One of the songs on the list they gave me was White House by Cream. So I imported it into Cubase so I could play along with it, just to see what happened, and get a feel for whether or not I could “bring it”. Much to my surprise, I held my own rather well. Which impressed me, if no one else. No, I’m not playing Clapton’s guitar parts note-for-note, but neither does Clapton. Essentially I tried to nail the main signature licks, and just improvised the rest. To my surprise, it worked out rather well. So much so that I told Victoria, “I just took on Clapton and didn’t embarrass myself”.
Anyway, I’m going to go back in there and argue with Crewe some more. I keep nudging him in certain directions, and he keeps wandering off in others. Who would think a vampire could be so obstinate?

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