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The Adam Lambert Fallout: Were You Not Entertained?

They wouldn’t let me post a comment on the original article page, so I thought I’d drop it here. The article had to do with whether people were entertained or shocked by Adam Lambert’s performance on the American Music Awards. Mostly people were complaining that the “shocking” theatrics and simulated sex acts were too much. I had to disagree. I didn’t like the performance. But it certainly wasn’t because he kissed a guy. Oddly enough, no one has mentioned the bit where he was rubbing his hand back and forth on the female dancer’s crotch as he did beneath her. The bit that got ’em was when he kissed a dude. Hehe.
I couldn’t have cared less about the theatrics. My disappointment with Adam Lambert’s performance had to do with a bland song and a by-the-numbers performance. The song and the performance were nothing more than standard American Idol product. That’s sort of what I expected from the A.I. gristmill. If I was disappointed, it was simply because I’d hoped for more from Adam Lambert. He has the kind of talent that makes the desperate theatrics he displayed on the AMA’s unnecessary. Lady Gaga couldn’t carry a show on her voice or talent alone, so she resorts to over-the-top theatricality. Adam Lambert shouldn’t need to. Yet that was exactly how the performance seemed.
Personally, I’d like to think that Adam Lambert knew the song sucked and he was trying to make up for it. Hopefully one of these days he’ll break free of the American Idol product assembly line (he IS signed to A.I. creator, Simon Fuller’s, record label) and strike out in some interesting directions. If the song Adam Lambert performed on the AMA is any indication of what the rest of his debut album sounds like, his career is already in trouble. Bullshit is bullshit. I don’t care how many crotches you rub or how many guys he kisses.
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