The Blue Meanie

I just fired up the Blue Meanie (my computer). I’m hoping to finish up with the music section of my web site today. Jesus. I’ve been working on this for so long that it’s sort of taken over my life. I keep telling myself that the rest of the web site won’t be this time-consuming. I’m my own worst enemy, really. I just can’t bring myself to let “good enough” pass.
One reason this has taken so long has been the graphics. I’ve created 217 new images for the music section, for about 75 web pages. When I jumped in, I didn’t know how overwhelming this would be. Once I started I was committed. Kind of like being stuck in quicksand.
But at least this one section will be finished today. I don’t think any of the other sections will be this bad. The artwork and photography sections are being handled through the gallery program. All that’s really left after this is the poetry and writing sections; neither of which scream “graphics” to me.
We’ll see. If anyone can over-complicate this, it’s me. Right now I’m just looking forward to being done with this section and getting this particular albatross down from around my neck.

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