I’ve Put Up with the Confederate Battle Flag All My Life

I’m from North Carolina. I’ve put up with the Confederate battle flag all of my life, and used to have that outlook. “Aw, let the rednecks have their flag. Who’re they really hurting?” But it was more benign when I was young (or I was just ignorant). It was practically a fashion accessory. In the last 10 years or so (actually, it’d be fair to said in the last 6 years or so – since Obama was elected), the overt racism of people claiming allegiance to that old Confederate battle flag has reached a fever pitch. It’s impossible to ignore at this point, the fact that the people who post the most virulently racist shite are the same ones who are so passionately defending the Confederate battle flag. At some point you have to make a decision about whether you’re more concerned with paying respects to a 150 year old relic, or if you’re interested in living in the 21st Century.

Honestly, as a Southerner, I’m just fekkin’ tired of this flag. People who hate the South have always been able to use it as a convenient button that they can push to illustrate the ignorance of Southerners. And while those of us who grew up in and love the South are well aware that some of our Northern neighbors are pollyannish, generally speaking (for believing racism is relegated to the South), the difference between us is that we’re knee-chopped by fekkin’ ignorant rednecks who don’t know the first thing about history in general, much less Southern history, who blather on about the Confederate battle flag being all about heritage and pride.

At some point the South has to grow up and let go of these childish things. If that Confederate battle flag is the only thing that makes you proud to be a Southerner, you’re just a fool, because the South and Southerners are so much more than that. And we won’t be any less so just because the flag of The Army of Northern Virginia is finally consigned to a museum where it so rightly belongs. Let’s grow up, people, and move forward into the 21st Century, where so many wonders await us.

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