The End Is Near

The world will end soon. I realized that just now while listening to the radio while approaching Atlanta. I heard on the traffic report report that there are no delays. I came in just as all hell should be breaking loose. But it’s not.
Did I mention this is in Atlanta?
I changed radio stations. I don’t like people mixing comedy with the traffic reports. But damned if the other stations weren’t saying the same thing. This is really happening.
I came north on I-75. I got on I-675 and followed it to I-285. So far there have been no delays. No back-up. No traffic jam. We’ve not even slowed down. People on the I-285 loop are kind of looking at each other like “What the hell is going on?” They’re so unnerved that they’re driving the speed limit and being nice to one another.
I thought I should make a mention of all this. Clearly the end is near.

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