The Everglades

Somewhere in the Everglades, about 30 miles from Miami. Or at least from the end of I-75. It’s cool to look to the left or the right see nothing but miles and miles of marsh. It’s been kind of rough staying awake out here, though. Needless to say, there’s not a lot to engage the imagination. It’s still been cool, though.
I wrote a very detailed examination of how my day went yesterday, but decided not to post it. Suffice it to say that I delivered yesterday morning in Kissimmee, spent most of the afternoon trying to pick up a load in Orlando from a broken down truck (without much success because no one knew where the paperwork was), and thanks to the usual professional grade idiocy of my dispatcher, wound up doing much of nothing yesterday. The load was supposed to deliver yesterday morning. Since those appointments were missed, it had to deliver this morning. So I sat yesterday. The first stop was in Fort Myers, and the last stop (which I’m headed to now) is in Pembroke Pines, west of Miami.
I much prefer today to yesterday.

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