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The Evolution Of Windhaven

I helped Doug load up his equipment this afternoon. He’s essentially left Windhaven. He wasn’t happy with some of the things that Victoria and I want to do, and decided that he was going to try to get something going with a Rock band where he’ll feel more at home. He never really found his groove in Windhaven and left feeling rather under-used. I don’t blame him. At the end of the day we each have to live our own lives according to what feels right to us. We’re each put here for different reasons, and we have to go our own way. Our paths cross those of others on occasion, but we each have to stay true to our own path and reason for being.

Doug and I will no doubt work together again at some point. Maybe we’ll get those trio gigs rolling with Windhaven. Or maybe Doug will help me with some of my original music, such as Crewe. Or maybe I’ll bump into a band that needs a bass player and a drummer.  Whether we ever work together again, I was pleased that today was cordial and friendly. I think we were all a little saddened by this transition, but there seemed to be no ill will. That’s a refreshing change from the last time someone moved on from a project. It bodes well for working together again. Anyway, I wish Doug well. I hope he’s happy in his new projects. And I hope we have a chance to play together again soon.

For me, this changes the focus of Windhaven dramatically. It closes some doors, but it opens others. I have theories about how to create a percussive texture using my new stomp box and whatever percussion Victoria is using when she’s not playing bass. It’s going to be a challenge to pull off what we’re going for, but I love a challenge. Over, under, or through. B’god!

We just put up videos for “Hallelujah” and “White Rabbit”, and will probably do one for “Freedom”. After that, we’re going to start working on our album of originals, which will include some videos. In the meantimes we have to keep trying to get those gigs scheduled and get Windhaven out there and making money. We’ll miss Doug, but we have to keep going.

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