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The Last Week

Heading out. Going to Charlotte to make my delivery. Hopefully I’ll get some sleep after that. I slept for a few hours, from about 10pm until midnight. Then I got up, went up to the truck and offloaded all the stuff that I’d packed last week. That pretty much means everything. It strange to be in an empty truck. I even sent Abner, Kiki and Frawg to stay with Mama.
I don’t really know what I’m feeling about this being my last week. On one hand there’s the sense that this week is special. But on the other it feels like any other week. I’m still leaving out bleary-eyed on a Monday morning, anticipating delivering my load so I can take a nap afterwards. So nothing new there. But I’m sure that by the end of the week the excitement of change will have caught up to me. Right now I’m just in practical mode. As Victoria said, it may be my last week, but I still have to do the work.
I don’t know what to expect of this week. Still don’t know how I’m getting back to Kings Mountain from Greensboro. But I think my thinking can best be summed up by the fact that when I was leaving I started to leave the camera at Mama’s. But I picked it up anyway. Something told me that there might just be something I’ll want to take a picture of this week.

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