This Old Dawg

I’ve been thinking for awhile about what song I want to record first. Believe it or not, that’s a bit of a problem. I have hundreds of songs, and at least a couple dozen that I want to record right now. Basically, I’ve been going over my songs in my head, trying to figure out which one would be the best one to let out of the gate first. I’d started working on Grandview, but decided that it wouldn’t be the best song to make a first impression with. I mean, it’s a good song, but I want the first impression to be something a little more upbeat. Something that rocks a little more.
I’ve been thinking about this for days. What song would really grab the widest variety of people? I considered a lot of them. Seven Faces. Down The Mountainside. My Baby, Part II. Another Dawn, Another Day. Long Way From Home. Just to name a few. The one song that, for whatever reason, never crossed my mind was This Old Dawg. But today while I was in the shower, the bass line for that song started going through my head. I literally said out loud “Fuck, that’s it”.
This won’t be of interest to anyone but me. At least until I post the song. But it’s a big relief to me to know that I have to perfect song to come out swinging with. I guess I’m thinking that it’s like releasing a single. You want the first impression you make to be a strong one, and the song to be as accessible to as many people as possible. This Old Dawg is perfect. It has a catchy bass line and a danceable groove. The lyrics are a little naughty, but still clean (innuendo, not vulgarity). I think it’s the kind of song that men and women both can like.
It’s probably silly that I’m writing about it, but I feel like a big piece of the puzzle has just fallen into place. This is the song I’d like to have on my MySpace page. I also think it’d be a great song to show off to other musicians with. Something I can put on and say “this is who I am and what I do”. I’ve put up a profile there hoping to find other musicians to jam with. This Old Dawg would make a good impression, I think.
I guess the next step is to shut up about it and record the damned thing. I’m chomping at the bit. Not just because I think it’s a good song, but because I think it’d be a fun song to do. That’s the one thing that’s been missing in all my recording experiments so far. They haven’t been very much fun. Plus, I’ve been spinning my wheels by trying to re-record songs that I’ve already done before. Gods, if I record Asria’s Revenge again, it’ll be for the fourth time. I have three CDs full of songs that have been recorded before, and I don’t want to go within a mile of any of them.
Hell, yeah. This Old Dawg is it. All I can say from here on out is “hey, ya’ll … watch this!” I’ll be posting this song on my MySpace artist page and on my web site soon. Hopefully the gods will smile upon me and let me have this one small triumph.

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