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This Old Dawg (Re-visited)

This Old DawgI just uploaded a new re-mix of This Old Dawg. There’ve been some problems with the old mix all along, which I’ve never fixed. When I finished recording the song, I was so overwhelmed and frustrated that I just left it as it was. Plus, I didn’t know nearly as much about the Cubase recording software then as I know now. I learned a lot about Cubase’s tricks while I was mixing the cover tunes for my band, Systematic Chaos, and all that knowledge came in handy when doing this re-mix. For one thing, I now knew how to fix some of the timing glitches. I also knew how to get a better overall sound.

All in all, I’m quite happy with this “new” version of This Old Dawg. I feel like I’ve finally done the song some justice. If you want to hear it, just click on the picture that’s included in this post. It’s the icon I use for the song on MySpace, and it seems oddly appropriate, given the songs subject matter. Or, if you’re determined to be stubborn, you can click on some of the links below.


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