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This Old Dawg & Windhaven

I’ve just wrapped up another version of “This Old Dawg”. This version was done with Windhaven, and features a more acoustic vibe. I’m actually surprised by the results. How is it possible to remove the Rock drum kit and the signature bass line and have a song sound even more powerful? This new version grooves in a way that the original never did. And I think I can finally say that I’m happy with “This Old Dawg”. Maybe that was the problem with the other versions. Whether I knew it or not, I wasn’t going about it the right way.

This track is the first of many that we’re recording for Windhaven. Our aim is to release a full CD within the next couple of months, using the songs we’re recording now. It’s going to be the only real way we can launch Windhaven. Yet another acoustic band performing cover songs isn’t going to “wow” anyone, no matter how well they’re done. It was pointed out to me that Windhaven’s secret weapon is/are my songs. And I have to admit that “This Old Dawg” has gotten a terrific response every time we’re played it live with Windhaven. Hopefully that bodes well for the future tracks.

Anyway, “This Old Dawg” is finished. I’ll be posting it to Windhaven’s web site soon, and spamming all of our friends and fans on Facebook. This is where it all begins. Where we go from here is anybody’s guess, but this is where it officially started. God help us all.


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