Through Hell And High Water

Southbound on I-65 in Indiana, 40 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky. Boy, we’re really making good time this week, aren’t we? I figure we’ll deliver around 11:00 and will be home around 13:00. We have no one to blame this week but ourselves. And, well, Mother Nature and circumstance. We weren’t doing that bad coming in towards Waukegan. The weather had been clear all the way up. But Mara hit a major traffic jam in Chicago which cost us about 3 hours. By the time we had dropped in Waukegan, picked up in Bedford Park and were on our way out, I was feeling sick. We stopped at the pilot in Hebron to weigh out, and it cost us some time there because we sat for a bit waiting for me to settle down. Then we left, with Mara driving, and made it as far south as the Lebanon rest area, where Mara was overcome by diarrhea. She recovered but felt sick down to where I started driving (near Uniontown). But I had taken a couple of Goody’s PM headache powders (which make you sleep; hence “PM”) before she got sick, and was in no condition to drive. So we sat there for a while, getting farther and farther behind. One of these weeks we’re not going to have to trudge through hell and high water just to make a living.

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