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Getting ready to start coding the poetry pages. Now that I’ve settled on a new theme for the blog, I’m going to use the same theme for all of my writing stuff. I wanted something that looked like the rest of the web site, but was more readable. The main web site theme was fine for general splash pages, but was just impossible for reading (I tried excerpts from M.E. Caldwell and it made my eyes hurt). Every other option I tried offended my delicate Virgo sensibilities because it didn’t match the rest of the site. So I finally got off of my ass and re-designed my WordPress template (all the while figuring I’d also use it on the “reading pages” like novels and short stories).
I’m kind of excited about it. Finally I’ll have a uniform look throughout the web site. Anyone who has visited this site for any length of time knows that it’s been, at best, a patchwork quilt; a mixing of styles from a half dozen different attempts at updating the site’s theme. Hopefully this time I’ll actually finish it.

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