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Tush w/ Catdaddy Pirates


I finished a mix of Catdaddy Pirates’ version of ZZ Top’s “Tush” on our ReverbNation and MySpace pages. It’s one of seven that we recorded last week, and hope to have completed and online by the end of this week. The general plan is to use this to get some gigs, by having a demo CD that we can peddle to area venues.

I have issues with my vocal performance, and will probably re-mix the song a few times before I’m finally happy with it, but overall I’m rather pleased by what we wound up with. Man, but that’s a hard vocal in “Tush”.

The track was recorded at home in Saint Petersburg, Florida. The drum tracks were recorded in the living room. Guitar and bass tracks were recorded in my music room. And the vocals were recorded from a microphone set up in the bedroom. Not too bad, considering.


  • Wicasta Lovelace – vocals, bass
  • J. C. Rice – guitar
  • Doug “Wolf” Schwartz – drums
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