Underwhelming Music

Well, I just skimmed through the six new CDs I put on my iPod. I was rather underwhelmed. I suppose I was spoiled by Blue October. I loved Foiled, and had begun to think that maybe I had been too harsh on some of these other bands. That’s how I wound up buying these other six CDs.
Well …
Each CD only had one or two good songs on them. The rest was filler. Each of these bands sound so much like the others that if you remove the signature songs from each CD (the songs that are on the radio), you could mix and match what was left onto one CD and no one would ever know it was a compilation of different bands.
Okay, here’s the CDs.

HinderExtreme Behavior
Good songs: Get Stoned, Lips of An Angel

KornSee You On The Other Side
Good songs: Coming Undone, Liar

NickelbackAll The Right Reasons
Good songs: If Everyone Cared, Rock Star

NickelbackThe Long Road
Good songs: Flat on The Floor, Because of You,
Figured You Out

PepperNo Shame
Good songs: No Control

Three Day’s GraceOne-X
Good songs: Pain, Animal I Have Become
Well, I can’t complain. I got 6 CDs for less than $30 from BMG. I wanted these songs on CD because I plan to create a hard drive jukebox of CD quality songs in WMA format. But geez … I wouldn’t have complained if one of them would have been a good overall album.
Still, the songs that I liked I really, really liked. I suppose if nothing else, that alone is worth the price of admission.

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