USX And HVP Loads

Received a complaint on the satcom today from USX, reminding us that on HVP (high value loads) we’re supposed to notify them every time we stop. I didn’t bother to point out that we might take HVP more seriously if not for the act that USX designates nearly all of their loads as HVP. We’ve ignored this new layer of bullshit for months and no one has ever cared. We parked for 6 hours last night in Lebanc and no one said a thing. But we stopped for 30 minutes in Los Banos and it’s an issue.
I will be so happy to be free of U.S. Xpress and its layers of bullshit. Just two more weeks. It’s fitting that we’ll go home just before my birthday. I can’t think of a better present than leaving U.S. Xpress once and for all.

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