Vans And Drug Tests

I talked to Billy at Wade Ford today. Apparently with $4,000 and our trade-in down and with Mama signing on the loan, too, he thinks we have the van. The only possible sticking point for Mara and I would be if they set our payments too high. I mean geez. We’re paying off 25% right up front.
In other news, U.S. Xpress made me take a drug test today. That was a lot of fun (note sarcasm). We had to take our truck into Chicago proper to find a little clinic that was in a strip mall. I had just come off of my shift, having driven 600 miles. I delivered in Waukegan, IL around 13:00. We finally picked up the next load around 20:30, 7 hours into Mara’s shift. Needless to say, by then I was a zombie.
Mara managed to drive about 300 miles before collapsing. Now I’m driving and can think only of sleep. I have no idea how far I’ll get. What was U.S. Xpress’ take on throwing us into a Chicago traffic jam, rush hour gridlock, skinny roads in town, and 2 hours in a waiting room? “Sorry for the inconvenience.” hehehe

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