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Vexed By Taxes

I did my taxes today. Yes, I waited until the last moment. I was dreading the deductions because I was paid per diem in 2007, and because that had royally fugged up my 2006 taxes (which I’m still paying on). It worked out rather well. I used TurboTax this year (finally broke the H&R Block spell) and I’m glad I did. They had a part in the deductions that helped me figure out how to file the meal expenses. The Fed allows people subject to D.O.T. regulations (Hours of Service) a $41 per day allowance for meals, and up to 75% of that can be taken as a tax deduction.
I won’t be partying off of my tax refund, but at least I won’t be owing them money this year. I’ll get back about $100 Federal (after TurboTax fees) and around $350 State. And thank God it’s an election year and the Republicans are trying buy us off again. Upcoming elections? Tax cuts for everybody! Courtesy of King George!
Hehe. I’ll take the money. If and when they send it to me, it’s supposed to be around $600. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

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