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Vocals Done

About to head for bed, I think. It’s been an interesting day. I finalized the vocals for This Old Dawg. Mostly because I’ve done all that I’m going to do, and I consider the damned thing done. I recorded four vocal tracks today and was working on the fifth when my voice went out. I sort of hope that somewhere in the existing four complete tracks and the partial fifth, I can piece together a complete performance.
I’m kind of weary now. Maybe it had something to do with the drinking. I started out drinking some Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine to loosen up, and when that ran out I switched to Jack Daniels. By the time I realized that the booze was affecting me, I was having a damned good time. But I got my vocal tracks down, dammit.
I know today was supposed to be mixing and mastering, but I expected to get finished earlier than I did. It took awhile to get the microphone wired up and patched through various diabolical means into the computer. Then we wound up having to wait for our neighbor to finish cutting his grass (the microphone turned out to be sensitive enough that when Victoria was taking a bath it picked up her moving around in the water). But it all finally got done. Thank the gods.
I owe Victoria a load of thanks. She patiently served as engineer and got the computer going while I was in the other room. I used the bedroom for a vocal booth, so Victoria had to start the recording, and then sit in bored silence while I wailed away in the next room. That had to be about as exciting as watching a cat lick its butt.
Oh, well. The track is mostly finished. I still have some stray bass parts I need to fix, but that shouldn’t take too long. The bulk of the track is done. Now I’m getting kind of excited about it. It’s a damned good song, and a pretty good recording. I can’t wait to get it up online, on my website, on MySpace, etcetera. Mostly, I can’t wait to be able to wipe away those twenty year old recordings that have had to suffice so far as examples of my music. I’m looking forward to what comes next.

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