Waiting for PM

Epes Transport, Greensboro, NCI’m sitting at the picnic table outside of the shop. My truck is in a bay getting a PM (preventative maintenance). Cool thing, too. Now I don’t have to worry about seeing this place for awhile.

The Speed Management class was as expected. I just had to sit in on that segment of the Orientation class. Watched the “Iron Mike and Hobo” video. Listened to bits about following distance and reaction time. Blah blah. Nothing was said about how to avoid speed traps. But I sat there for about an hour and then signed a piece of paper stating that I had done so. A good time was had by all.

Now I’m just waiting on the PM. Looks like it might take a while. I’ve only caught the mechanic under my truck once. For the most part, he’s been wandering around talking to the other mechanics.

No worries. It’s a pleasant enough day. Even with the rumbling of idling trucks to my right and the jabber of truck drivers to my left (swapping lies in the break room inside). Occasionally the wind will blow through. When it does I close my eyes and turn my face into it, and let it waft through me. I haven’t forgotten.

I tossed out my diet for today. I’ve done my time and deserve a reward, I think. So for lunch I walked to the convenience store next door. Had the lunch of the gods. Fried bologna sandwich, a B.L.T. and a bottle of Senorial sangria (non-alcoholic, if you must know).

Really, I’d rather be playing World of Warcraft. Or walking in the Kings Mountain Battleground. Or driving the damned truck, really. I’m just bored. I’m looking forward to getting out of here and as far away from the fuck-tard as possible (I can feel his evil presence lingering just over there in the main building).

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15 years ago

Avoiding speed traps is the easiest thing there is to do. DON’T SPEED!!!

15 years ago

A state trooper said he clocked me going 78 mph in a truck that’s governed at 65 (that means it’s can’t go any faster than 65). He gave me “a break” and dropped it down to 70. The definition of a “speed trap” is an area where it’s impossible to avoid speeding. Such as when are in a 55 mph zone and suddenly find yourself in a 35 mph zone, with no warning whatsoever that the speed limit was dropping. Quite often there will be a police officer sitting on the other side of that 35 mph sign.

Another good example is an officer writing you a ticket for a speed higher than you vehicle can physically go. There’s not much you can do about that. As a lawyer once told me, “Who are they going to believe?”

I attended a speed management class because my company didn’t care. I got a ticket, plain and simple. Even if I had gone to court and had the entire thing thrown out, I still would have attended Speed Management class.

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